Supper 8 Motel - Stranded by Irene police called because of 10# dog

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We were visiting friends in New Paltz in a farmhouse on the Wallkill River.We were caught in a flash flood and had to be evacuated by boat by several kind and generous neighbors.

We the first night with an extremely wonderful and generous family, who had been our rescuers. Our car was still stranded by the water. So we got a room at the Motel 8 on Terwilliger Lane in New Paltz. I had just got out of the shower when the manager demanded I open the door because she heard a dog.

I told her I indeed had a dog but that I was naked and couldn't open the door. She demanded again that I open the door--so I did and of course she could see I was naked. She said I must vacate the premises immediately get off the property and go across the street. I asked if I could get dressed and she said I had fifteen minutes.

In fifteen minutes I was dressed and she was at the door. My husband had been sleeping, we were exhausted from our ordeal. So I went out with her and our 10 pound maltipoo, Moxie. And guess what!

She'd called the police! Three policemen answered her call to evict us from our room because of our dog! We asked her to call her corporate office, but she adamantly refused. We explained to the policeman that we had no car and only had the number for the farmhouse and not the cell number for our hostess.

We didn't even know the last names of our good samaritans who had rescued us and allowed us to sleep in their home (with our dog). So we were stuck. The policeman had to ESCORT me into the room to pack our things and my husband, who is ill was made to sit on a rock outside the property. Fortunately, upon returning outside with our things our host and hostess had been able to get our car, the water had gone down and her son had moved a tree that was on the road.

We went to a neighboring motel who suspended their pet policy and allowed us to spend the night. We came back to NYC the next day. Shame on Motel 8. I'm from New Orleans and have seen the good things that people do for others in crisis.

Great citizens of New Paltz.Horrible Motel Manager.



So you snuck your dog into a no pet hotel?

That's certainly what it sounds like. And if that's the case, then it's your own *** fault!

There is a reason why the manager was so upset, some people have severe allergies, and they go to hotels that don't allow pets specifically to not be around those allergens.

Since you ignorantly snuck your dog in there, that means that the hotel has to pay to have the room specially cleaned to make sure it's safe for those guests, and even after it's cleaned thoroughly there is no guarantee that nothing was missed.

And if the manager called the police, it's most likely because you gave her reason to believe you were going to cause a problem.

We don't enjoy calling the police, it's a huge hassle for us when we do. So that means, you gave her a sufficient reason to do so.

When you are in a hotel, you are a GUEST. You can't just do whatever you *** well please and expect everyone to turn a blind eye, you are expected to conduct yourself in a manner befitting a place of business.

Supper 8 Motel - Unjustified Room Denial

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I was denied a room upon arrival at the Super 8 Motel on Horizon Drive in Grand Junction, Colorado. Many rooms were in fact available and full standard identification was provided even including an AAA Member Card and a Super 8 Rewards Club Mamber Card. All normal and usual methods of payment were offered including credit cards and travelers checks. The desk clerk however refused to provide a room and even refused to provide a reason for this action.

Multiple formal written complaints have been made both to Super 8 Management and the franchise owner, the Feeley Falily Limited Partnership. Both the company and the owner have refused to provide any reason for their action, have refused to provide location information for witnesses to the incident, and have refused to provide any information on the internal investigations they claim to have undertaken. They have completely stonewalled and have not made any good faith effort at a just r4esolution of the case.

I have concluded that after many months of unsuccessful efforts to achieve just treatment, that only formal complaints will case this motel company to respond properly and justly to my complaint. Since they have refused to provide the requested reason for their refusal to provide a room to me, it must be concluded that their denial was based on what I believe to be unlawful and improper discriminatory factors. There is simply no other plausible reason for their denial of a room to me.

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